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Sound Waves


Here you will find an overview of past and current research projects. The EXPOSCEN Lab is always seeking new and exciting opportunities to work with public and private organizations on topics related to urban health, air quality, outdoor noise and other environmental exposures. There are currently opportunities for graduate students at the masters and PhD levels.

Focusing on the urban context, the EXPOSCEN Lab aims to guide decision-making and advance knowledge on the built environment and its effects on human health and wellbeing. An interdisciplinary and systemic perspective on human-environment interactions is informed by utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods.   

Research Projects

Selected research projects completed by the EXPOSEN Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University. For further information and detailed report references see the PUBLICATIONS page. 


Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE)

With support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and researchers across Canada, this consortium develops and provides environmental data with public access to support research and policy on a wide range of issues such as climate, air pollution and noise. EXPOSCEN partnered to develop noise exposure models and to conduct monitoring in Canadian cities.  

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King Street Pilot Environmental Impact Study

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Toronto, the Lab completed analyses of environmental changes following implementation of the King Street Transit Priority Corridor in Toronto, Ontario. The study helped the City of Toronto Transportation Services and the City of Toronto understand changes in air pollution and traffic noise as a result of limiting traffic and improving transit accessibility along the street corridor. 

Highway Bridges


With support from Health Canada and the Clean air Regulatory Agenda and under the leadership of researchers at the University of Windsor, the project developed an Integrated Urban Modelling (IUM) platform for urban development scenario modelling that considers local transportation, land use, economic and travel activity, as well as air pollution, health, and economic indicators. The software is free to use for research and policy applications.

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Environmental Noise Study in Toronto 

Under the guidance of Toronto Public Health, the EXPOSCEN Lab conducted a comprehensive monitoring and modelling study to determine noise levels and their sources across the City of Toronto. The project was completed to inform the Noise Bylaw review and continues to support research on health effects of noise. 

A railway junction

Trainyard Neighbourhood Air Quality (TyNAQ)

In collaboration with Health Canada, the EXPOSCEN Lab conducted a study on air and noise emissions surrounding a large train yard in the Greater Toronto Area. The project is helping distinguish both types of pollutants from background levels in a dense urban setting. 

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