Train yard Neighbourhood Air Quality (TyNAQ) (2019-2022)

$265,000; Health Canada, Clean Air Regulatory Agenda

Study of train yard generated air and noise pollution and their potential impact on proximal residential neighbourhood exposures.

Integrated Urban Modeling (IUM) For Decision-Making and Policy Guidance: Extensions and Application of a Simulation Tool for Urban Change, Air Quality and Associated Health Impacts (2018-2020)

$361,875; Health Canada, Clean Air Regulatory Agenda

Develop an IUM platform for urban development scenario modelling that considers local transportation, land use, economic and travel activity, as well as air pollution, health, and economic indicators.

Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (2017-2021)

$65,000 sub-grant; Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Develop environmental noise database for health cohort linkage; develop national exposure prediction surfaces; conduct environmental noise monitoring.



Towards healthy mid-sized cities: Assessing the potential for electric-bicycles to facilitate sustainable transportation reform using big-data (2018)

$10,000; Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) Planning and Dissemination Grants; Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Understand electric-bicycle uptake and utilization and their potential contributions to a more sustainable, healthy and equitable urban transportation system in Canada

King Street Pilot Environmental Impact Study (2017-2018)

$49,000; Transportation Services, City of Toronto

Monitoring and modelling air quality, noise and transportation mode shifts as a result of the City of Toronto King St. pilot study.

Environmental Noise Study in Toronto (2016-2017) 

$74,075; Toronto Public Health, City of Toronto

Comprehensive monitoring and modelling of environmental noise in Toronto.

Examining effects of physical features in the built environment on air pollution and environmental noise covariance (2015-2016)

$4,800; Health Canada

Modelling and analyzing nitrogen dioxide and traffic noise emissions in Halifax.

Postdoctoral Fellowship (2015-2016)

$81,000; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Modelling effects of heavy freight corridors on environmental quality and health.